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With a hard mash of breaks, dubstep, and anything else that buzzes and beckons asses to the dance floor, Tayo's Fabriclive.32 mix packs consistent, convulsive shudders. The South London producer spotlights his neighbors when a handful of dubstep VIPs appear toward the adjournment of the track list, with entries from Digital Mystikz, Benga, and Skream's "Lightning," which outshines most of his 2006 LP in whip-crack beats and the usual gripping melody. Tayo's productions are here as well. He blends video game-glitch sensibility and gratuitous beat rolls on "Choppa Riddim," a pairing with Manchester's Baobinga that logically gives way to Bassbin Twins' "Woppa." Fabriclive.32 is thrillingly varied, and an accurate description of it can be found in Tayo's comparison of his effort to an evening of Hollertronix, the crazed, once-regular Philadelphia-based party/DJ duo that meshed Baltimore club, crunk and New Wave under the capable supervision of DJs Low Budget and Diplo. Fittingly, Tayo includes an all-too-brief clip of Blaqstarr's "Tote It," a Bmore-influenced, gunshot-ridden banger that recently found a home on Diplo's Mad Decent label. It's a snug fit, standing out for a short minute before something else takes hold, Hollertronix-style.
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Dominic Umile