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Tech N9ne Vidcast

Because the normal channels of communication weren't enough for you voracious non-readers, New Times and Up on the Sun have agreed to jumpstart and update the old school Serene Dominic vidcasts of yesteryear to bring you..drumroll please.... The Serene Dominic Show v 2.0!! Our 5 minute vidcasts will give national and local acts a chance to show their stuff and more importantly for you the audience to:

• SEE! your favorite artists play rock critic as they vote a record or song out of Serene's playlist in the new segment we're calling Get Off My Cloud!

• HEAR! acoustic on the fly performances and Serene's fawning interviews with bands!

• REGARD! how quickly they can state a preference for pop culture during the beloved Lightning Round!

• MARVEL! at bands' uncanny miming abilities when we Spotlight on Lipsync!

• GUESS! which Road Booty prize a touring act will take with them back on the bus!

See? Nowhere here did we ever mention the word read! Or nook! Would we be allowed by law to use this many exclamation points if this were not a shouting for joy proposition?

New shows will be coming starting next week, but to whet your appetite, here's a Tech N9ne interview from the old The Serene Dominic Show v 1.0. The Kansas City rapper, then in the midst of his Killer tour in 2009, invited Serene on his tour bus, showed his tats and triple rap skills and played The Lightning Round, Road Booty and the old Rate My iPod segment, which we gutted when you kids insisted on hording music in a cloud above your head. Enjoy! Tell your friends and more important, tell your sworn enemies!

Tech N9ne is scheduled to perform tonight, Monday, October 10, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.