Tempe Gets Swinging with Café le Swing October 6

Polish up your wingtips and bust out your finest duds Tempe, you have a new dance floor to cut a rug on. Starting on October 6, Thursday nights are going to be a whole lot fresher with the start of Café le Swing.

Hosted by Savoy Hop Cats, the same group that brings you Savoy Swing night's at Ghost Lounge on Monday's, le Swing promises a vintage atmosphere that looks back to swing's glory days. With more than 2,000 square feet, a large wooden dance floor, and free waffles and espressos, this all-ages night has a lot to offer.

"Back in the 1920s and 30s, there were always popular venues where folks could go dance [on] a huge hardwood floor," co-founder Nathaniel Smalley says. "Either in America or Europe, there was always a place where you could go out at night, get dressed up and forget about your cares and just go out and hear great music."

Smalley and his wife Elizabeth hope to capture some of that old magic within these new walls by providing not only a haven of music, but also a place where the entire community can go to kick back.

"Up to this point its been a challenge for us to find a venue like this where we could create our own atmosphere and this is an alcohol-free environment so it's great for the younger generation," he says. "It's just good clean fun."

"We know that Mill Avenue has a very heavy club scene but there's also a lot of freshman and sophomores that are under 21 and not able to get in at all the clubs on Mill ... so it's the perfect place for them to go to and enjoy themselves," he says.

Once a month dancers can look forward to a live swing band and will be transported back in time by the vintage motif and classic swing films displayed on a projector. Every Thursday night will offer a free self-serve espresso bar and do-it-yourself waffle station. From 7:30 p.m. to 8:30, the event will also provide a free swing dance lesson.

"It'll be something new and exciting on a weekly basis."

Something like this? We sure hope so.

Café le Swing is located at 1290 S. Mill Ave in Tempe. All ages welcome every Thursday at 7:30. Cover charge is $8.

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