Tempe "Meme Rapper" Glass Popcorn Braves the Google+ No Man's Land With "My Circle"

Tempe "Meme Rapper" Glass Popcorn Braves the Google+ No Man's Land With "My Circle"

After beefing it up last summer, Tempe meme rap ace Glass Popcorn (a.k.a. 16-year-old Will Neibergall) goes hard for Google+ in his new video for the slow-mo syrup haze of "My Circle." But don't hold your breath for the "My Top 8" MySpace remix: The track may well be Glass' last.

In a non-capitalized, syntactically splendid farewell address on DIS Magazine, Neibergall effectively hangs up his Monster Energy medallion for hope of greener pastures. "[Maybe it's] time to change my name, start going to different places, maybe make a happy hardcore record or something," he writes.

im not dead but i have been abducted by aliens, once or twice, i think. something definitely changed within me. i read a book by david icke about reptilian humanoids, and since then ive felt this encroaching...darkness. idk. its like i schismed or something. like inside. like suddenly during the daytime everything feels very bright and warm and the nights are just the gnarliest dark nights ever. i forgot everything i thought i knew about myself, my personal brand, my.. social media, schematics, n shit..

Though Google+ is a no man's land, this is one of Glass' more impressive tracks. The vocals are mixed way down low, where he gets into some of his most verbose flows, trying on a few clipped Chief Keef stutters in the process. The clip has him mobbing deep with sophomores, sipping a Mountain Dew-Powerade concoction over Xbox and Doritos Locos Tacos.

Might seem like kid stuff, but the artist-formerly-search-engine-optimized-as-Glass Popcorn is clearly thinking beyond the teen realm. He says the video "is dedicated to the adult who once told me at a debate tournament that being a white rapper would hurt my chances at staying in a monogamous heterosexual relationship. good thing im [sic] more attracted to energies than people."

Now that's the kind of LinkedIn-level maturity that careers are built on.

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