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Check Out Tempe Singer Tatum Lynn's New Single

Check Out Tempe Singer Tatum Lynn's New Single
Nick Spanos
Tempe native Tatum Lynn shows her impressive range and uplifting voice in the acoustic version of her new hit single “Later Baby, XO.” This song takes the love and heartbreak of young romance on an upbeat track, a little bit of a subject change for her debut album With Me, releasing later this month.

Her tone fluctuates throughout the song between somber for each verse to a bubbly sound for the chorus. The beat mixes some soul with elements of Demi Lovato’s heartbreak tracks. The video for the single's studio version was filmed partially at Thunderbird Lounge.

With Me
is an album that subjects around heavier topics like teen-suicide rates and depression with her powerful voice and personal honesty.

The album is very personal for the 19 year old, due to her school losing eight students to suicide from her eighth grade to senior year of school.

“The song ‘With Me’ and my whole album are dedicated to the people I’ve lost, and to those who are suffering now — whether it’s from depression or anything else they might be struggling with,” she said in a press release. “Whatever they’re going through, I want them to know they don’t have to go through it alone. If my music is able to touch even just one life, it makes this all worth it.”

With Me comes out on Friday, September 27.
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