Tempe12 Busted For Underage Drinking at American Junkie on Sunday

R.I.P. American Junkie. You're in some hot water. 

Two undercover police officers busted a few of the girls from the Tempe12, a local promotional modeling agency that often hosts bikini contests on Sunday's, outside the club a little before 9 p.m. Sunday.

Did anything appear out of the ordinary? Not to the typical Dirty Scottsdale-douchey crowd who witnessed a soft-core porn act taking place on top of the bar. My sister and I arrived on the scene and had one drink (a grape vodka/soda) before we had the chance to watch the hot mess.

The scene: A male bartender, who had an obvious boner, taped two young girls together with hot pink duct tape and poured a bottle of beer on top of their chests and a bottle of liquor into their mouths.

Fast foward to 20 minutes later and a handful of girls were outside and being questioned by two undercover police officers. Shocker, two of the girls from Tempe12 confess to being 18 and another says she's 20 after saying that they didn't have their ID's on them. Two official-looking police officers join the scene and the four cops put the girls and their Tempe12 "madam" into a cop car.

The most entertaining part to watch? One of the cops asks if the ladies were victims forced to drink and the girls all look at each other and play dumb. One bikini-clad girl actually says, "I don't know. Maybe."

While I've become a fan of American Junkie's Sunday shit show -- their Sunday's are notorious for awesome people watching -- this comes as no surprise. The bar's bartenders often seem wasted on Sunday and it amazes us that they stayl open. Good luck, A.J. We predict you may be closed for "remodeling" in the near future.

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Kelly Wilson