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Ten Dollar Outfit

While Ten Dollar Outfit shies away from the "jam band" label, they are sorta like Phoenix's own version of Widespread Panic-meets-John Mayer, and singer/guitarist Brian Chartrand even admits, "I don't like playing or singing a song the same way . . . ever, really." And TDO really is more of a live band than a studio band, if its latest full-length, the self-released Live at Chandler Center, is any proof. In addition to some new cuts, the album contains versions of songs off TDO's last studio album, East Meets West, that sound little like the originals, thanks to TDO's love of improvisation. The band's knack for blending laid-back folk-rock with jazzy jams and wrapping it up in emotive showmanship stems from influences as varied as Steely Dan, Jeff Buckley, Ben Harper, and Coldplay, but Ten Dollar Outfit somehow has a sound all its own. TDO's got some songs, too, from the compelling, mellow ballad "Lover's Plight" to the jazz-funk jaunt "15 Tons of Moonshine," and its live show always holds the promise of a . . . dare we say, jam?
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