Ten Songs to Help Cope With Coachellaitis

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The Hold Steady- Chill Out Tent It didn't take much effort to find Molly. She seemed to favor the Sahara Tent, though her friends could be spotted convulsing on the ground in the Gobi Tent. Maybe that was Coachella's answer to The Hold Steady's "the chill out tent." I'm not sure how helpful smoking cigarettes or kissing when nurses take off your IV would be, but oranges do sound nice right about now.

The Thermals- We Were Sick "Fed on the dirt, laid on the land. Never gave a day away, never gave a damn." Might as well make the most of the festival and recover later.

Neon Indian- Future Sick The less we have to think about getting sick, the better. Maybe that's why Neon Indian did not perform this song on Friday.

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Melissa Fossum
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