A little slice of Paris at Zinc Bistro's main hall.EXPAND
A little slice of Paris at Zinc Bistro's main hall.
Zinc Bistro

The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas: Three French Hens

Welcome to another edition of the "The 12 Songs of Arizona Christmas," in which local stakeholders detail their most cherished holiday songs. Consider this a musical Advent calendar, where your "treat" is a better understanding of the interesting people and organizations from across the city and state.

Three French Hens

Glenn Belfield, General Manager, Zinc Bistro

Chef Matt Carter knows his way around a French-themed menu. He's trained at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, worked at Scottsdale's La Chaumiere, and "apprenticed" under famed restaurateur Christopher Gross — not bad for a Valley kid. These days, Carter and co-owner Terry Ellisor run Zinc Bistro out of Kierland Commons. It's a quaint restaurant for indulging in wine and cocktails, diving into a huge seafood offering, or sampling a cross-section of playful French cuisine. Zinc's staff describes the restaurant as a "daydream trip to Paris," so at least you're saving on all those airline miles, but Glenn Belfield, the restaurant's general manager, emphasizes the importance of home and family when selecting a song.

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"It sounds a little bit corny, but we wanted to pick 'I'll Be Home For Christmas' as our holiday song. It's definitely home for a lot of us, and I certainly see Zinc as my second home. But not just the people who have worked here for 10 years, and there's quite a few, but also the people who come here. We're open on Christmas Day, and it's even one of the busiest days of the year. It's a tradition for so many people. They have a mimosa and open the presents with the kids, and then they head to Zinc. Sure, it's a tough sell for some people to come to work, but then we're all here together, sharing the same goal. Close bonds turn into family, and then 18 years later, that's how you have Zinc."

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