The 50 Coolest People at Mad Decent Block Party 2016

Electronic dance music fandom is nothing if not diverse. And we witnessed this fact firsthand during the Mad Decent Block Party’s recent stop in the Valley this past weekend.

Over the course of back-to-back nights, we encountered EDM fans of every shape, size, and description. Rave kids and club junkies? Of course. Bare-chested bros and bikini-wearing ladies? Most definitely. Rager fiends, party monsters, and costume-clad characters? Them, too.

Thousands upon thousands of dance music aficionados were in attendance at the event, many of whom caught our attention, brought a smile to our faces with their antics, or were just memorable in general.

Here’s a look at the coolest Block Party attendees that we encountered.

Electronic Dance Man
He's the hero that the Mad Decent Block Party needs.

Pac Attack
Wearning a matching formal outfits to Mad Decent Block Party: cool. Wearing matching formal outfits made from Pac-Man material: really cool. 

Winging It
They're definitely fly.

Hood Life
Well, at least his head will stay warm.

Squad Goals
Yes, there's actually a thing called the Queef Squad. 

Living the sweet life at the Mad Decent Block Party.

Yellow Fellows
Going bananas for Dada Life at the Mad Decent Block Party.

Tongue and Grooves
Three out of four friends agree: Sticking your tongue out is a fun way to pose for photos. 

Trippy Times
EDM fans and Deadheads have a lot in common, come to think of it, including colorful music and even more colorful fashion choices.

In the Zone
This is what a rage face looks like.

Pikachu on This
Any guesses about what his CP level might be?

Fox Force Five
T-Dawg's girl gang's got nothing on them.

Surf's Up
Hanging 10 atop the crowd.

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