The Aggrolites, Pool Parties, Mixology, First Friday, "Butterscotch Swag" and More Over the Weekend

W Scottsdale's Sunset Sessions Pool Party The only thing hotter than direct sunlight this Sunday was the poolside crowd at the W Scottsdale's Sunset Sessions. There was no shortage of bronzed bodies in teenie bikinis and reality TV stars sipping assorted libations, but there was still plenty of room on the posh rooftop deck for working professionals and families as well. Sunset Sessions goes down every Sunday til the moon comes up...see photos

Skyy Vodka Bar Chef Competition at CANAL Restaurant Last night, a dozen local bartenders gathered at Scottsdale's fashion-forward CANAL restaurant for an Iron Chef-style competition that tested their cocktail making prowess. A few of the culinary scene's big names were also there, including James Tapino and emcee Dave Johnson, head of the wine and spirits program at Sol y Sombra. When Johnson showed up in a beer-print shirt (think Hawaiian print, only sub beer mugs for the palm trees) and a Shriner fez, the audience knew they were in for one hell of a crazy show...full story

See: Skyy Vodka Bar Chef Competition in Photos

The Aggrolites Make 'Em Sing And Skank At The Clubhouse The Aggrolites, who played Tempe's Clubhouse Music Venue last night, draw crowds wherever they go. It's white reggae, sure, but it somehow manages to not come off as ridiculous as a bunch of Babylonians playing music associated with a religion which, at times, has held their race to be evil, should. Oh, and it's perfect for singing along to, which the crowd showed...full story

See: The Aggrolites in Photos

Butterscotch Swag" Opening at After Hours Gallery Local artist ISSE unveiled his latest series of paintings at After Hours Gallery located on Central and McDowell on Friday, June 5, 2009. Mashing together pop-culture icons, personal figures, and paint, ISSE makes unique art that no one can afford to miss...see photos

First Friday: June 2009 Drum circles, B Boys and graffiti art entertained the crowds at another First Friday on Roosevelt Row and beyond on June 5, 2009... see photos


Hairforce Debuts at Upper Deck Sports Grill Saturday With a Slew of Popular Local Musicians

Youth Brigade at Yucca Tap Room: Full of Moshy Goodness

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