The Big Event, Minus The Bear, The Duce, and New Times Turns 40 Over the Weekend

The Big Event Clad in too many bracelets and sucking on pacifiers, raver chicas and chicos hit Firebird International Raceway on Friday, May 23, for some dance action courtesy of The Big Event. Check out all the beats and bass in these photos.

Minus The Bear at Marquee Theatre To be totally honest, I sorta figured the Suns playoff game and the Lost finale would upstage Minus The Bear's Sunday night concert at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. I mean, Sunday shows are sort of dicey proposition to begin with, let alone when there's such stiff competition. Also, harsh reviews never help Indie Famous acts, and Seattle-based Bear's latest LP, Omni, just got savaged with a 3.5 by Pitchfork...full story

See: Minus The Bear In Photos

The Duce's Grand Opening Party The long-awaited Duce finally opened her doors to reveal the bar/restaurant/gym/shopping/soda fountain goodness she contains. Check out the following shots from the grand-opening party "Orange Crush the Lakers" on Sunday, May 24...see photos

Phoenix New Times' 40th Anniversary Party at MADCAP Theater For those of you playing the home game, it's been forty years since Phoenix's alternative weekly paper Phoenix New Times came into existence as a reaction to the Kent State shootings. We celebrated with a massive party at MADCAP Theater in Tempe complete with performances by various Valley artists, a miniature Ignite Phoenix, and our first-ever Big Brain Awards Ceremony...see photos

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