The Black Keys Video for New Single, "Lonely Boy," Plus Four Other Videos With Awkward Dance Moves

​When you look up the definition of "viral video" in the internet dictionary, The Black Keys new video for "Lonely Boy," the first single off the highly anticipated El Camino, would be the prime example, complete with links to other articles awkward hand claps and hip gyrations.

The new video features a pretty average dude in full work wardrobe, who seems to be taking a dance break to let off some steam. It's good to see that Carlton stuck to his hobby.

But if you're lucky like me, the art of awkward dance just comes naturally. No instruction required. Here are a few more cringingly awkward artists that have this gift.

Rebecca Black - "Friday" 

Making fun of this song is played out. But it's not the song I'm making poking fun at... not that it doesn't deserve it. It's the now legendary girl in pink that sits to Rebecca's right, who so clearly knows she's on camera and is totally uncomfortable with it. It's like someone put a gun to her head and said "dance." Just watch her pretend to enjoy herself starting at the 1:10 mark. 

Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

Thom Yorke is the reigning king of "don't give a fuck." With the video in black and white and Yorke wearing that particular hat, this dance almost seems... cool? It might help that he's one of the world's biggest rock stars. 

Jennifer Lopez - "Papi"

This video was intentionally choreographed this way. A whole city's worth of men are falling in love with Jennifer Lopez because she ate some devil voodoo cookie and are chasing her down "Thriller"-style for her... love? Neh. This is just one big, rape-y Fiat commercial

Mark Gormley - "Without You"

Mark Gormley's now infamous "power stance" is less of a dance than it is the stuff of legend. Place weight on one foot, shift to other foot. Repeat. 

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