The Blaze 1330's Guest DJ Week: Who's Spinning and When

Arizona State's student radio station is always a fun throwback to the glory days of college radio, and perhaps the best showcase of that spirit is the annual Guest DJ Week.

The long-running tradition -- which I participated in last year -- started yesterday with restaurateur Chris Bianco and local musician (and New Times freelancer) Chris Hansen Orf. Today, our pals over at Electric Mustache take a turn. If you want to hear some New Times types you'll have your chance.

The Up On The Sun crew (Benjamin, Jonathan, Jay and I) is taking over a four-hour block Thursday. If the hilarious prank calls I've been getting from (presumably) angry House Show kids are any indication, this could be fun.

So far my playlist is simply "Bad Romance" 10 times in a row. I plan to fill the time between spins with commentary on why every part of the Lady Gaga song is awesome (Listen to how she says "I'm a freee bitch, baby!") but that may change.


1 - 2 Chris Bianco
2 - 3 Chris Hansen Orf


10:30 - 10:45 - Tom Green - (phone interview)
11 - 12 - Nate Anderson, founder of Ear Candy
12 - 1 - Mike Escoto and Sean Anderson, ElectricMustache
1 - 2 - Micah Elliott and Chris Lawson, AZPunk.com
2 - 3 - Steve and Kyle, Revolver Records
3 - 4 - Dario Miranda, Stinkweeds


1 - 2 - Ted Simons, host of Horizon, former music writer for PNT
3 - 4 - Sara Cina, former manager of Long Wong's on Mill, clothing designer


10 - 11 - Jeremiah Gratza, Stateside Presents, President Gator
11 - 12 - Benjamin Leatherman, Phoenix New Times Clubs Editor
12 - 1 - Martin Cizmar, Phoenix New Times Music Editor
1 - 2 - Jay Bennett, Phoenix New Times "Nothing Not New" Columnist
2 - 3 - Jonathan McNamara, Phoenix New Times Web Editor
3 - 4 - Shelby James Graber, local musician


10 - 11 - Richard Ruelas, Arizona Republic
11 - 12 - Nick Gortari, "DJ Nico", Radio Phoenix
2 - 3 - The Sugar Thieves

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