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Northside Danny's Idea of a Good Time?
It may come as a surprise to those who know Danny Marianino, singer for the North Side Kings, as simply the Danzig-pounding hardcore dude (check the video below if you haven't seen it), that he's actually something of a renaissance man. By renaissance, I mean he loves B-movie shlock and gore flicks, and likes to write about them as well. A while back, when I wrote this column about the band, he hit me off with a collection of reviews and articles he'd written, and I was impressed that he could turn a paragraph.

Now he's got it out there for the world to see... this is what he emailed me:

For the last few months since North Side Kings was on a hiatus, and I got my head smashed in during a bar fight, me and my buddy Brandon got creative. We finally put together what we have been planning on doing for a long long time. So, here it is, our horror movie, exploitation, sci-if - and music website. It's called I Can Smell Your Brains . Com. here is the link There are also some friends writing in addition to me and Brandon. So far Misfits Danny, Dan Stone, and our buddy Serene Dominic have all contributed stories, reviews, etc. There are a few minor tweaks still being done on the site and it is just going to constantly get bigger and bigger.

So go check it out, join the message board and let us know what you think!

Be prepared to get offended!

Collectively - Danny Marianino and Brandon Kinchen

Somehow, the bar fight factor doesn't surprise me. But neither does the fact that the just-launched site is immensely entertaining. The photo above is from a review of the first issue of the magazine Girls and Corpses that Danny wrote, where there's an interview with clown-porn actress Holly Stevens, wherein Danny writes, "Holly Stevens has a real good sense of humor, I mean she has to — she takes it in the ass while wearing clown shoes and a red nose! I'm still laughing..."

I was laughing too just reading that (and yeah, like you, I'll probably be Googling Stevens' name in a few minutes). He's also got a compelling piece about the Horror Drunx clubs that have popped up around the world, where members share a "love for cheap booze, horror and gore flicks, and woman of questionable virtue." There's enough material up already to keep you entertained for a good while, and message boards to let Danny and his homeboys know what you think. Since you're probably killing time pretending to work right now anyway, it's definitely worth your time.

Oh yeah, and here's the Danny & Danzig video for you (NSFW, by the way, or turn your speakers off):

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