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The Bravery

Mainstream indie rock may seem like a contradiction in terms, but that hasn't stopped The Bravery from winning over new fans. Hailed as "the next big thing" by MTV and the popular music press after the release of its 2005 self-titled debut, the band emerged as part of a new wave of well-dressed, young synth rockers. Lumped together with acts like The Killers, Bloc Party, and She Wants Revenge, the group built its name on catchy, haunting dance tracks and singer Sam Endicott's wanna-be Robert Smith vocals. The band surprised its detractors last spring, releasing an organic, guitar-driven sophomore album that traded its similarities to Depeche Mode for post-punk riffage reminiscent of The Clash. While neither the smartest nor the most original amongst its musical peers, The Bravery's ability to craft melodies and choruses that stay in the heads of listeners has ensured its continued success.
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Daniel Raven