The Brides of March, Carnival, Arizona Aloha Festival and Devoured Over the Weekend

Carnival Brasil at The Sail Inn Who says you have to go to Rio to experience Carnival. We had more fun than you can shake a Capoeira master at right here in Phoenix at The Sail Inn. Check out the dancing insanity...see photos

Arizona Aloha Festival at Tempe Beach Park We all know that "aloha" means "hello" and "goodbye," but did you know it also stands for food, fun and dancing? Check out these photos from The 16th annual Arizona Aloha Festival at Tempe Beach Park...see photos

Beware the Brides Of March! The Ides of March is the Roman calendar's March 15. That fact didn't seem to stop The Brides of March from donning their wedding best (regardless of gender) and drinking away the 13th of March. Check out all the bridal madness courtesy of the Arizona Cacophony Society...see photos

A Sweet Ending for the Devoured Culinary Festival Maybe it was the calming influence of arts maven turned Devour Phoenix spokesperson Kimber Lanning, or some new Zen-like mojo brought on by the event's name change, but today's installment of the Devoured Culinary Classic went on without a hitch...full story

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