The Conservatory Kids

In a couple of weeks you'll see my column about a few of the kids that attend the

Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences

, one of the premier sound engineering schools in the country, located right here in Tempe and Gilbert.

I've been hanging out with a few kids ("kids" being relative; some are teens still, some in their thirties) that are in the next graduating class at the Conservatory, listening to their projects (almost all want to be producers) and asking their evaluations of what their money's buying over there (the shit ain't cheap).

But whether or not it's worth the dough, the real payback on kicking it with these guys is hearing a variety of takes on the music industry and what they expect out of it once their education and internships are complete. DJ My Friend Andy wants to do sound editing for films, Bryan Gaston wants to run a label, Rafael Flores wants to own a studio; all agree that without their conservatory education they wouldn't have realized exactly what options are out there for producers and engineers, or even what those job titles really encompass.

You'll have to wait a couple weeks to hear the full story, but meanwhile scope out this track from 20 year old Sedona native Al Giles, aka AlGae. It's twitchy, glitchy shit, in the Kid 606/Tigerbeat 6/NinjaTune vein. Pretty tight...


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