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The Cosmeticators Release Video for "Roboman"

In advance of their untitled debut full-length, local garage-pop trio The Cosmeticators released to the world Tuesday a nice-looking music video for "Roboman," which features women in tight dresses, a dude in a robot costume, and the timeless kids game Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. So, you're probably gonna wanna watch it.

Directed by Chuck Harding of local company Light Pulse Studios, the video was shot late last year at The Studio. Bassist/vocalist Chela (whom some may remember for her service in such bands as garage bands The Peeps and Hell on Heels) designed and built the video's secret weapon, a groovy robot (actually, it's a costume worn by Robot Tank guitarist Mike Dee) programmed to play Rock 'Em Sock 'Em and engage in some foxy-boxing with its maker.

The band, which has been gigging steadily in and out of town since 2008, plans to release its debut record later this summer, says drummer Miss Amy. Until then, you can catch them on Tuesday, May 10, at The Rhythm Room with The Toomstoners.

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