The Devil Wears Prada at The Marquee Theatre, 11/21/11

The Devil Wears Prada Marquee Theatre Monday, November 21, 2011

I found myself at The Devil Wears Prada show in large part due to my kid brother. He's been high on openers Enter Shikari for a couple of years now and asked me to accompany him to the show. While I admittedly have never been big on hardcore Jeebus music, I learned one thing: the power of Christ compels in many ways.

TDWP along with Whitechapel, Enter Shikari and For Today loosened the bricks and mortar at The Marquee Theater with face-blasting, chest thumping rock last night. The Dead Throne Tour summoned up legions of Prada faithful and delivered a steady dose of death metal, hardcore and even a little bit of dubstep for four blistering hours.

For Today, the only other self-identifying Christian band on the tour, got things started with a quick 30-minute showing that set a good pace and riled up concertgoers. The Iowa natives were heavy on hardcore screams and catchy hooks inspiring circle pits and crowd surfing right out the gate. Mean-mugging singer Mattie Montgomery led the quintet's high energy set. Fans erupted into cheers when he announced he was there for Jesus, but thankfully didn't break out into sermon.

I admit I was worried the show was going to be heavy on the faith stuff, but I was glad to see it was really more about heavy-hitting music. Proof positive of that was when waves of kids starting surfing their way forward just minutes into the show.

After a quick 10-minute set change Enter Shikari took the stage and changed the pace up with their blend of hardcore and dubstep sound manipulations. They were a little more melodic than their predecessors, relying more on At The Drive In type rapping than screaming and warped wa-wa's mixed in with heavy guitar riffs and bright snare hits. Concertgoers formed dance circles more than mosh pits, busting out their own versions of the "Shikari Shuffle" my brother called it.

The London rockers flew all over the stage twitching and shuffling. Although singer Rou claimed he felt weighed down thanks in part to the fine American delicatessen we like to call, In-N-Out. "Never eat In-N-Out an hour before showtime," he warned. "I'm feeling pretty sluggish."

It didn't show.

After 40-minutes, deathcore act Whitechapel whipped up a headbangers delight. With a double-kick cadence and ogre sounding vocals, the six-piece band assaulted the crowd with a wall of power chords. Ever wonder what a minotaur might sound like? If they existed I imagine they'd sound a little something like vocalist Phil Bozeman. With their three guitarists, heavy hitting drummer and massive bassist, Whitechapel pummeled eardrums and evoked even the staunchest Christian to throw up the devil horns. (OK, that last part may or may not be true. It's impossible to know who was who out there, but there were quite a few horns in the air.) Moshing intensified as the outer walls of the crowd began to swell enveloping unsuspecting kids.

TDWP had the longest set change to accompany their most elaborate production to date. As foreshadowed in our interview with frontman Mike Hranica there were no pyrotechnics on hand but the show was plenty explosive nonetheless.

They got their set started with "Untidaled." Before the track was done the crowd pushed forward forcing steel barricades all the way to the front of the stage. So yeah, they were plenty worked up and excited to see the band. Prada definitely picked their touring counterparts well.

It was a great culmination of the evening as TDWP kind of tied in all of the openers with their sound. They were a fun blend of screaming hardcore, fast-paced metal, melodic synths and of course Jesus Christ all wrapped into one.

The sextet shared the stage well, feeding the crowd frenzy with their energy. One by one, Marquee security guards picked off throngs of crowd surfers, reaching out and embracing them into their bosoms.

Fans seemingly enjoyed every song with equal intensity, peaking as the show grew closer to ending. Good moshing went down as they closed with "Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over" and were treated to a three-song encore for their efforts. After a little more than an hour of playtime, Hranica and company looked like they had been in a war of attrition; drenched in sweat.

Critic's Notebook

Last Night: The Devil Wears Prada, Whitechapel, Enter Shikari, & For Today at The Marquee Theater.

Personal Bias: Um, I'm not Christian?

The Crowd: Mostly profusely sweating teens with a few long-haired headbangers.

Random Notebook Dump: How about a round of applause for Marquee Security guards handling the relentless swarm of crowd surfers.

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