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The Ditty Bops

As female duo The Ditty Bops cover the Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love" on their new record, it's difficult to believe them when they sweetly croon "I feel like I could die" over delicately plucked acoustic guitar and mandolin. But that discontinuity may very well be the group's appeal. Spinning this album is like listening to birds chirp during springtime: It's sweet, pleasant, and it makes you forget that winter ever even existed. And although the two singers' vocal harmonies are often reminiscent of children chanting, there is a palpable sense of worldly experience and maturity in the songs they pen together. It's not necessarily for everyone -- and Tegan & Sara could most certainly take them in a fight -- but there is clear craftsmanship in these tracks. Even if talent doesn't count for as much as gimmick does these days, it should on this disc.
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Emily Zemler