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The Edge 103.9 Continues Booking '90s Has-Beens for Its Third Thursdays Concerts

Mid-'90s hitmakers Sponge are scheduled to perform tonight at the Edge 103.9's Third Thursday in Scottsdale.

Is it just me, or does it feel like the '90s never ended at The Edge 103.9? Not only does it seem as if every time I flip on the local alt-rock radio station they're broadcasting some chart-topping song straight from the days of the Clinton presidency, but they also keep booking some of the worst bands from said era for their monthly Third Thursday free concert series along Craftsman Court in Scottsdale. 

And the trend carries on as tonight's edition of Third Thursday is headlined by Sponge, the execrable Detroit-born fivesome best known for the 1994 single "Plowed" (a song that's often misattributed to Social Distortion, as it sounds very much like something that came straight from the legendary punk band's discography).

As I previously wrote about this same topic, the Edge is missing a golden opportunity to showcase more burgeoning bands with the free concert series, like they used to do when Third Thursday featured such bands as Innerpartysystem, Rogue Wave, and Armor For Sleep. Since November, it's been nothing but '90s throwbacks, however, starting Marcy Playground, then Lit, and now Sponge. (Hey Edgesters, I heard that Deep Blue Something reunited last year, so perhaps you should line them up for next month's concert).

But hey, the gigs always seem to attract a substantial crowd numbering into the hundreds, which the Edge's staff gets to hand out plenty of free bumper stickers and schwag to their listeners while Dos Gringos sells a shit-ton of nachos and Corona.

The local boys of Kinch are likely to steal the show tonight.

At least the station continues to bring in some extremely talented Valley bands as supporting acts, like Kinch and Sketching in Stereo, who both will open up for Sponge at tonight's event. The thing is, these locals sometimes have the tendency of upstaging the headlining acts, much like The Dead Eyes of London and Comfort for Change did at last month's edition of Third Thursdays.

I'm really hoping that this trend continues as well, and that attendees at tonight's gig walk away gushing about how much Kinch totally ruled the school.

The music starts at 7 p.m. and Craftsman Court is located east of Scottsdale Road between Third and Fifth avenues.

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