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The Electric Bunnies

The Electric Bunnies' music makes me feel as though I'm beating off to pornography while my wife sleeps in the same room. Good thing I ain't married and can enjoy the Electric Bunnies in public. Wow! This four-track, vinyl-only EP is an excellent example of the Miami garage punk rock that the Bunnies are known for creating. Brothers Thomas (drums) and Victor B. (guitar) return with frontman Eldys D. (bass) as the trio offers up more psychedelic goodies. The record opens with the title track paired with "Love Radiation," and it's the kind of fuzzed distortion that puts them somewhere between the 13th Floor Elevators and the C.A. Quintet, with elements of the tropical psychedelia of Venezuela's Los Pets. The grooves are tight, and the energetic, foot-stomping, finger-snappin' rock here is as pure as free love was before HIV/AIDS showed up. Flip this sucker like a turtle and you'll get knocked out with the gangsta-thrash-punk bizarreness of "Super Fluorescent Hippo Flashback," taking the normalcy of their rather inane day jobs and making life exciting for what seems like 45 seconds. "The Stranger" is remarkably creepy in both tone and execution, proving that the band can be happy-happy-fun-fun on one side but down-and-dirty on the reverse.
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Abel Folgar