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The Epoxies

New Wave was a joke two years ago, and probably will be in two more, but in the meantime, bands like The Killers and The Bravery are milking it for every penny they can. The Epoxies, on the other hand, dish out something that feels new . . . er than the New Wave it-sound. Punk energy, bouncy hooks, and a love of Stone Age synthesizers drive songs like "Radiation," which makes "Somebody Told Me" sound even more pretentious by comparison. The band, made up of characters like Shock Diode, Moxie Static, and the hyperkinetic Roxy Epoxy, stays true to its '80s roots, too, with members sporting vintage wraparound glasses and red, white, and black vinyl, jamming on guitar-styled keyboards, and wearing makeup louder than their songs. Roxy, out in front with her roboticized Debbie Harry vocals, ups the ante with scant bondage gear and an affection for electrical tape. You could call it kitsch, but people probably call you an asshole, and that doesn't make it true, either -- right?
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Cole Haddon