The Faint to Bring Dance-y Sing-Alongs to That Damn Show

The roster of touring acts of That Damn Show gives the festival the appearance of something that happened a decade ago. I remember being stoked to see acts like Bad Religion, Face to Face, and Fenix Tx for the first time in the early Aughts -- and, in some cases, at Mesa Amphitheatre. Wasn't Bad Religion, Less Than Jake and Authority Zero an unlikely but fun show? That Damn Show 2013, with its punk/reggae lineup, seems like the long-awaited sequel.

Many fans feel the same sentiments about The Faint. I somehow missed the boat and didn't get into the band until I saw them live at Los Angeles' FYF Festival last year, and then I was hooked. I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd Fink and seeing the band at Crescent Ballroom a couple of months later at my favorite show of 2012.

I saw The Faint for the third time a couple of days ago at Coachella. Though each show was different, I noticed patterns. Here's what you can probably expect when you see The Faint on Saturday:

A crazy light show. FYF did this best, because The Faint were last-minute additions to the festival. This was one of the band's first reunion shows, so they went all out. From a distance, fans could still enjoy all the strobes and lasers. I was concerned that this wouldn't translate well to an intimate show, but here's a short video I took of "Glass Danse" that proves it did:

And you might have a seizure. Don't say we didn't warn you.

You will probably hear your favorite song. Okay, this all depends on what you consider your favorite, but the band's top three songs on setlist.fm are "Agenda Suicide," "Worked Up So Sexual," and "Desperate Guys." The band played Danse Macabre in full on its most recent tour, so quite a few of those songs are still on recent setlists. "The Conductor" and "Let The Poison Spill From Your Throat" were both tons of fun at Coachella.

You'll probably hear some new stuff. And you will like it. The Faint sold a limited edition 12-inch record on the Danse Macabre tour that sold out pretty darn fast. I was lucky enough to have my friend pick up a copy for me in the band's hometown of Omaha, of all places. "Evil Voices" shows up on their setlists fairly often, and you won't be able to find it on Spotify, so enjoy.

Band members like to chat with fans. The Faint isn't pretentious. If you spot them after the show and say "hi," they'll probably be up for a conversation.

Not a fan? You may be converted. My friend at FYF kept going on and on about how excited she was to see The Faint and assured me that I would like them. She was absolutely right, and I shared the love with my Coachella buddy, who with any luck now feels the same way I do. Unless you're a staunch punk or reggae fan, you're bound to have at least some fun during their set. How can you not smile as Fink gets a little graphic in the über-danceable "Worked Up So Sexual"?

See also: The Faint at Crescent Ballroom, 11/23/12 The Faint's Todd Fink on Danse Macabre: "We Wanted People to Either Love It or Hate It."

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