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The Father Figures @ Rips

The opening track of Lesson Number One, the debut album from non-ironically named Phoenix trio The Father Figures, announces to listeners that this band has no intention to "re-create the scene." That's a relief to those who've followed the exploits of the band's members for the better part of two (or more) decades and witnessed the blood-on-the-floor roots of the Valley punk scene. In past outfits, these guys made names for themselves by blasting away in skate punk and hardcore bands, but as Father Figures, they've chosen chisels over dynamite to get to the core of post-punk, tapping angular second-wave progenitors like The Wipers and Mission of Burma as well as '90s acts such as Fugazi, Shellac, and Tar. Favoring precision over raw power in their playing, bassist/singer Tom Reardon, ace guitarist Michael Cornelius (ex-JFA), and drummer Bobby Lerma (ex-The Voice) employ a brainier, but no less muscular, approach to the music whose local scene they helped birth and raise. This show celebrates the release of Lesson Number One.

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Jay Bennett
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