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The Features: "This Is The First Record Where Everything Lined Up"

Everything about The Features seems perfectly calibrated to sneak up on you. Their new album--self-titled--is packed with different ideas and sounds, but it's not a debut; it's their fourth full-length. They're still building a national audience, but they're not new to touring; they were attracting local buzz in their native Tennessee 15 years ago.

The vagaries of the music industry haven't been kind to The Features. One album never really came out; another only got distribution after they'd toured on it for a year already. "It seems like every record of ours we're almost starting over again," frontman Matt Pelham says.

Nearly a decade after their ill-fated major label debut, though, they've achieved what looks like continuity: The Features have finally released their first second album. It's been complicated.

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Dan Moore