The Five Songs Russell Pearce is Listening to On Repeat Post-Defeat

Former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce created his fair share of enemies (fans too, unfortunately) over the last few years. But just three nights ago, the SB 1070 sponsor was ousted out of office by voters, replaced by fellow Republican Jerry Lewis. 

Here is the soundtrack to his defeat, which we imagine he's listening to at this very moment as he sulks. 

The Doors - "The End"

Unfortunately, we don't think this is the end of Russell Pearce's political. But don't let him know that. Also, a certain line in this song gives merit to us calling him a "motherfucker" all these years. 

Elliott Smith - "Christian Brothers"

He totally relates to these lyrics. And unlike Elliott, he means them completely un-ironically. 

Johnny Rebel - "Confederate Anthem" 

If it weren't for those damn meddling Yankee voters and their belief in civil rights, Pearce would still be in office. CURSE THEM! 

Led Zeppelin - "Immigrant Song"

Just sitting and seething. At least the "land of the ice and snow" couldn't be Mexico, so there's that. 

It isn't technically a song, but it was pre-election music to Pearce's ears. Now he sits in a dark room, listening to his supporter's misleading call on repeat, thinking about his next great scheme to dupe voters into re-electing him. 

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