Wayne Coyne and his psychedelic gang tend to go about doing things very differently from any other band. They've made posters for their shows with their own blood and they've recorded a song that has 12 parts that must be played on separate devices simultaneously. Well, they're back at it again, according to Consequence of Sound.

The Flaming Lips Sell Gummy Skulls With Music Inside

The Flaming Lips plan to release a seven-pound edible life-size human gummy skulls next week. Inside the gummy brain will be a portable USB drive that contains three new songs. Cut the head apart or just eat your way to the center of the brain, it's up to you, but you'll get that new music somehow.

Coyne and friends know no limits. "We've had grandiose ideas of putting out a life-size Gummi version of myself," Coyne said. "In the heart would be this giant hard drive with all the music on it." Those guys really mean business.

The Flaming Lips have been concocting other wacky ideas for methods of releasing new music as well, but rest assured, non-memorabilia-collecting Flaming Lips fans, all of the music will also be made available in a digital format.

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