Roll Acosta, Field Tripp, and The Foleys
Rogue Bar
Friday, February 3

When you first think about modern, professional Beatles cover bands, you'll likely think of a few things. Primarily, middle-aged men will use any excuse to wear a Sgt. Pepper's jacket. They'll also take any opportunity to speak in a Liverpool accent, which to them just means that they end every sentence with a quizzical attitude. 

The Foleys, Field Tripp and Roll Acosta do The Beatles at Rogue Bar

Plus, under the Pepper-clad crust is a wannabe rock star that never gave up on his dream. It's a little sad. 

But luckily last night, patrons at the Rogue didn't have to deal with that. The air of the place was notably less desperate than you'd find at a typical Beatles cover concert. Perhaps mainly because The Foleys, Field Tripp and Roll Acosta brought the boys from Liverpool to Scottsdale with their own, sometimes unrecognizable twists. 

Each band brought their personality to the table. Some might argue a bit too much. There's a fine line between covering a song and simply taking the lyrics of one and twisting the melody around to suit your needs. At times last night, the bands did the latter, leaving the audience to question whether or not the song was a cover or an original. 

And yeah, there were a lot of originals after all. The Foleys seemed to get the "Beatles" memo at the very last minute, performing only one song from the band's impossibly long catalog. Field Tripp arranged their psychedelic pop-indie sound and twisted it with a small set of post-LSD Beatles - a switch up that totally worked for the five piece from Phoenix. 

Roll Acosta, who headlined the show, played a series of seven Beatles songs including everything from a popped-out version of "Blackbird" to the sweet twist they took on "A Taste of Honey" (which they also performed live in their living room in Tucson for our own Melissa Fossum for her new blog series, Take Cover.) Roll Acosta took a trip through The Beatles pop love beginnings and wound up somewhere around the compassionate activism of Let it Be. 

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I have to say - the show wasn't what I was expecting. I was kind of in it for a full night of Beatles tunes, but considering the absurd amount of Beatles cover bands I've seen in just the last few months, I think this is fate's way of telling me to ease of the cover band bitterness and appreciate how real artists change up some of the greatest art ever recorded. 

Full disclosure: I am friends with the dudes from Roll Acosta. 

Last night: The Foleys, Field Tripp and Roll Acosta at Rogue Bar.

Better than: The Beatles. No, just kidding.

The crowd: Sparse and packed with typical Rogue Bar patrons. If you've been there, there's no real reason for me to elaborate further.

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