The Future Of Music Discovery Might Be Here, at Least in Beta

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Leave it to Wired to break the important music stories. My last two posts on Up On The Sun have both been on the bullshit that the Major labels have been wasting their time on, and the reports in Billboard on it. Well Wired is breaking a story about about something that could change how we discover music, and no shock it is not coming from the majors, a major media company or anyone that was in the music world last week.

The new service called We Are Hunted is a simple clean music chart that will be great for music discovery. Old charts that track sales, either physical or digital. But according to WAH, "We Are Hunted is different in that it tracks sentiment, expression and advocacy."

How they track "sentiment, expression and advocacy" is the new part. Instead of looking at one metric or site they scroll a wide rang of music sites to find out what people are actully talking about. "We monitor the mainstream press, blogs, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Last.fm, iLike, bit torrent, Limewire, and more." The most not worthy part is the p2p networks, that have long been known to be a important metric for measuring how music is spreading, are included in their algorithm. 

The problem with the web and music discovery is a signal to noise problem. There is just two much music and no good filters. All of the options that WAH scrolls have their own advantages but with all these options there is not one great one for the causal listener, and so the causal listener has been tuning out unable to find new GOOD music. But it is out there.

What makes We Are Hunted so great thought is its simplicity and its beauty. It could not be more simple to use, look cleaner or  be more clear from the first use. Simply scroll over an album cover, which are displayed in groups of nine and the track plays. It will not always the single but the songs that is hot, be that a re-mix, a cover, a live recording or the new single.

Your mom will get this. And if she likes good music she will like it to.

I am not sure if We Are Hunted is the future of music discovery, but it is a giant leap in the right direction. It is the type of service we need. I have thought for years that whoever invents the first good filter will change the music landscape forever. What we all need is a good filter that works and this is the first filter I have seen that has a chance at being that filter. And it is the type of service that no one in the traditional music ecosystem is providing. The big four labels will not like this because they will not be able to manipulate it, they wont be able to crowed out music they don't control. They wont control the gates. But WE WILL. This tracks what music fans like and thus what we all want to hear and not who is most connected to the old system.

If We Are Hunted can perfect its system we are all going to have a far simpler time discovering new music.

But where is the iPhoen app??  

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.