The Ghosts of Trent Reznor

By: Jonathan McNamara

Trent Reznor has been prolific lately. Gone are the several year gaps between albums. Six years after "The Fragile" we were given "With Teeth" followed by "Year Zero" in less than two years and one year later we've received another album from the pretty hate machine: "Ghosts I-IV."

"We began improvising and let the music decide the direction. Eyes were closed, hands played instruments and it began. Within a matter of days it became clear we were on to something, and a lot of material began appearing," Reznor says on nin.com.

What appeared was a collection of instrumental tracks harkening back to the darker moments of "The Fragile."

Reznor took a page out of Radio Head's playbook with this album by making it available in numerous ways all online. The first nine tracks are available as a no strings attached download with no downgrade in quality. Hardcore NIN fans need not be hurt, there are deluxe versions of the album available for cash ranging from a $10 2 CD set to an Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition Package signed by Reznor himself.

See for yourself.

Listen to Ghosts I-IV here.

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