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The Groovie Ghoulies

If you dig B-movies, bands that care more about their fans than money (as long as those fans are purchasing beer), and fast music, you need to be at The Attic on Friday night. The Groovie Ghoulies will be joined by a handful of local hooligans to give you a memorable Friday the Thirteenth. The Ghoulies, known for quirky, cult-flick-inspired lyrics and stage antics, are a garage punk trio out to make sure their audience is enjoying itself. Not only do they take requests, but if you're super nice, they have been known to throw prizes from the stage -- it's like a parade, but with far better music.

If parade antics (sans clowns) aren't enough for you, well, Pinky Tuscadero's Whiteknuckle Assfuck just might beat you up. Or at least they'll show you a good (frequently drunken) time. Don't let those song titles fool you; "Chicken Fight" and the more abrasive "Cock Fight" may leave you thinking these are five violent men. Nah -- they're just out to make a few good jokes and play their music loud, heavy and fast. Any time Pinky Tuscadero's Whiteknuckle Assfuck is playing, it's destined to be an interesting night.

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Chelsea Mueller
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