The Brothers Calabrese

The Horror...

I've followed the horror-punk trio


for quite a while now (as you can see


in a June 2004 column I wrote), and I'm always pretty stoked when they drop a new record. The three brothers, Jimmy, Bobby, and Davey (that's in order of their ages) bust out Misfits/Damned-style punk rock about zombies, vampires, demons and that sort of B-movie fare, with meticulous style and panache.

Now we're on the verge of hearing Calabrese's most recent release, The Traveling Vampire Show. The release party isn't until Friday, February 9, at the Phix, but because they're going all out for the release party I wanted to give you some time to prepare your costumes; that's right, the C-brothers are auditioning for an upcoming music video and they want you to star alongside them in it.

Here's what Jimmy sent me this morning: "With the purchase of the "THE TRAVELING VAMPIRE SHOW, " or any CALABRESE t-shirt From Hell, you're entered in the contest to win a Coffin Case direct from the CALABRESE dungeon! Three people will win FREE tattoos from Inkbomb Tattoo! Everyone will witness the greatest show of their lives! Eternal Entertainment will be on hand for an open casting call for the upcoming CALABRESE music Video. We need Monsters - come dressed to impress - sexy rock sirens, zombies, Mexican wrestlers, vampires, human oddities -- you name it! The production company will be taking photos and contact info for all who are interested in staring in a CALABRESE music video."

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