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The Howling Coyote Tour

Prescott has long been a favorite destination for Valley bands hoping to expand their fan base. Over the years, numerous local bands have made the short drive north to entertain central Arizona music fans at Matt's Saloon, Sundance's Place, the Bird Cage Saloon and other venerable venues along Prescott's historic Whiskey Row. Recently, Jim Sobo has made it his mission to return the favor. For the past three years, the Prescott-based singer-songwriter has organized the Howling Coyote Tour to showcase the talents of his fellow Prescott musicians. The fourth edition of the tour sees Sobo joined by the JNG Band, a trio consisting of keyboardist/vocalist Jonathan Hust, bassist Nick Stednitz, and drummer Gark Ukura. The group's fusion of jazz and blues comes off as a less-pretentious Steely Dan and should mesh well with Sobo's folk/blues set. If good music isn't enough, there's also a good cause involved. The tour supports Child Help, a Scottsdale non-profit committed to helping victims of child abuse and neglect. Sobo is donating a portion of the proceeds from his album, Waiting, to Child Help, so don't forget to grab a copy at the show.
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Mike R. Meyer