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The Jack Rollers Explain "Scars"

What's better than a rock show and a costume party together under one roof? How about an '80s slasher costume party benefiting pets of the homeless with The Jack Rollers. AZ Retro Rescue is hosting the fright night at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale this Saturday, October 22.

TJR are still riding the buzz generated by the recent release of their single, "Scars," the first of four planned releases. Up On the Sun caught up with singer Matt (a.k.a. Fido) to talk about the track and why the band decided to forgo releasing an EP for single releases.

The show will also feature performances by Dirty Hairy, Sedated and The Hardways. Doors open at 8 p.m., and tickets are going for $5 without a costume, $3 with.

"October is just a great month because people like to go out and dress up, and just have a good time," Fido says. Follow the jump for more.

"So like most songs, it's written about a boy and a girl; a relationship. I've noticed a trend [particularly] in the girls I've dated. They all have bad memories from their past. Everybody's had bad things happen to them and a lot of people let that define the rest of their lives. But the main focus behind this particular song is someone that I had dated; she really let her past, self-medicate her future if that makes any sense. So, what "Scars" is really focused on is that, we've all had things done wrong to us and if you're going to let that affect your future you're never going to grow, and you're never going to move forward. I think a lot of people respond like that.

It's an anthem for everyone who is screwed up.

In my writing process it's usually the chorus or the hook that comes first. It almost comes pre-written. I'll have a lyrical idea or some kind of harmony for a chorus and that will just come to me. So I'll come up with pretty much the song written and then the rest of the guys add their own flavor to it.

We recently recorded four songs. The original idea was to put out an EP like every one else does, but we decided to go in a different direction. We're releasing one single at a time, rather than a full EP at once. "Scars" was our first single that we released and it was just picked up by Island Def Jam Digital Distribution. It's distributed worldwide and it's selling really well, which is great. There's never been a better time to be in music than now. The whole paradigm has changed. It's good if you understand the parameters of it and can work within them but music is not like the old days. More people buy singles than albums now.

We have another single coming out the first week of November, called "Hopeless" and that will be distributed by Def Jam as well."

"Scars" by The Jack Rollers by VinylStereo

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