The Justin Bieber Comeback Tour Is Coming to Glendale

The Biebs returns to Glendale in 2020.
The Biebs returns to Glendale in 2020. Jim Louvau
If the hashtag on the bizarre video tour announcement is to be believed, 2020 will be the year of Justin Bieber. Glendale will be part of the Canadian pop singer's comeback on June 5. He will be performing at State Farm Stadium, though this has yet to be confirmed on the venue's website.

The video, which came out last week on Christmas Eve, doesn't offer many details beyond that, other than the 25-year-old singer has found God and become more centered since his break in March 2019. Despite the religious undertones of the video, the tease of the new single "Yummy" indicates he will not go the way of Kanye West and continue to focus on secular music. (Sample lyric: "Do me like you miss me/Even though you been with me")

There's an abandoned gas station, a rusted out road sign, some sepia-toned establishing shots, and a lot of nonsense narration. Will this be Bieber's The Joshua Tree? Probably not. It appears that the single, along with the start of a new documentary series, will come out this Friday, January 3. Watch this space for ticket details as they become available.
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