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The Killers

If you find the haughty high jinks of British pop bands -- Pulp, Oasis, Blur, et al. -- overly bothersome, it stands to reason you'd be annoyed by the pomposity of Brandon Flowers, front man for the Las Vegas-based indie outfit The Killers. But somehow, it's possible to look past this hardcore Anglophile's predilection for singing with a faux-British accent and get into the band's radio-friendly, unit-shifting indie rock hooks and synth-pop stylings. Soon you, too, could be singing along to chartbusters like "Mr. Brightside," or dissecting lyrics to "Somebody Told Me" for gay subtext, perhaps placing the single in the same ambisextrous vein as Blur's "Girls and Boys." If you're a girl, you'll probably be crushing hard on the photogenic Flowers, like one anonymous female fan who gushed on a Web board, "he is the hottiest [sic] person in the world that I would not mind having sex with." Too bad he recently got hitched to fiance Tana Munbkowsky. But hey, the dude's Mormon, so keep your hopes up, girls.
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