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The Killers at Dodge Theatre in 140 Characters or Less

To browse Twitter, you'd think the most common word used in describing The Killers show at Dodge Theatre was "amazing." Eh, I didn't really think so, but here are a few people who did -- and one lone dissenting voice of reason, a wise young man under the handle dsmitch who we plan to hire here at Here's what the masses said and remember to check out my review of the show here.

shiftinggray: The Killers concert was fantastic!!!!

MichaelAHahn: Just got back from The Killers. They are amazing live. So much energy on stage and in the crowd. Just electrifying.

robtimusprime: killers=amazing

SPORTIQE: very impressed with The Killers tonight in PHX!!

_Daneel_: I love The Killers, ohhh so much<3. They put on an amazing show. Tonight was so awesome! :) :) :)

dsmitch: The killers concert was disappointing. Too similar to their last show. Overkill on the bass and lighting. Every song Isnt the finally.

aaf21: That was the best concert ever!!! Woooooooooo The Killers!

jacelle: Words cant even begin to explain how rad The Killers concert was! Im speechless right now!!!!

SuMeroValedor: fucking amazing!! proud to be a victim of the killers!!!

digijustin: #Killers are freaking bringing it. Sofa king awesome.

azchela: At The Killers in #phx! Smile like you mean it was my fave so far!

FlowershopGirls: Ho, i forgot how goooood the Killers are live #killers

Ryan_Ender: Wish I was at The Killers show in Phoenix! Sold out. I'm always late. Definitely will be there next time.

AgnesZO: At The Killers concert in Phoenix tonight! Can't wait for the opening act to end!!!

Uhhndrea: Brandon Flowers was amazing. Like last time. Ahh. Great concert.

greg_fitz: The killers at dodge theater! Set so far: joy ride, human... brandon flowers is the freaking MAN!!!

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