'Ello America!
'Ello America!

The Kooks and Four More British Bands that Give Us Hope for a Second British Invasion

​We here at Up On the Sun are a tad local-centric. We like it that way. We love our local bands and, when it comes to expanding our interests, typically American bands get the attention. But hey, you have to give credit where credit is due. There are plenty of bands infiltrating our eardrums from across the pond/

But it seems like a second British Invasion is on the horizon. English rock bands come across the Atlantic to prove that we're not the only nation who totally rocks. Here are some of the biggest, most talented British bands in recent years that give us hope for a new invasion. 

The Kooks

America, meet the inspiration for this list. Well, at least familiarize yourselves with them again. You probably heard "She Moves in Her Own Way" on the radio back in 2006, but The Kooks are still making those catchy-as-hell tunes. They're on their way to the Valley, too. Catch them December 9 at Wild Horse Pass Casino


I know, I know. You're tired of hearing about Muse. They're totally mainstream, and people don't shut up about their live shows. Well, suck it. They are that good live. Matthew Bellamy is a guitar god with the voice of a goddamn angel, and he can use both talents at the same time. I'm completely content with calling them one of the best bands of the decade, not just one of the best bands from Britain. 

Arctic Monkeys

For a few garage-dwelling punks from Sheffield, Arctic Monkeys have certainly created a name for themselves. They gained popularity on MySpace in 2005 and eventually released "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor" via Domino Records, an attitude-filled, musically simple, crashing jam. Their 2011 record, Suck it and See, continues the youthful spirit the band is known for. 

Bloc Party

Just coming off a hiatus, Bloc Party is more relevant than ever. They were never quite as big in The States and the were across the pond, but the indie rockers gained international recognition with their debut record Silent Alarm. Currently, they're in the process of writing content for a new record with an undetermined release date. 

Florence and The Machine

Am I the first to say this? I'm surprised that Florence and The Machine has such broad appeal. I mean, the Florence Welch-led band is a bit avant garde for the mainstream. Their fame is rather encouraging, considering they're a band that, in previous years, would have been seen at a place like Crescent Ballroom, not at a venue like Comerica Theatre. Let's just hope the fame sticks.

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