The Kooks Get Hot in the Desert (and internet update)

Internet Update: WE ARE ONLINE, thanks to Carrie Schnepf, who's been amazingly helpful all day, and the good folks at Qwest, who bent over backward to help us out... So future posts will not come from my phone. Sorry for the snafu. -Martin

By Joe Golfen

Screaming girls ran across the grassy field of Schnepf Farms as jumpy Brit pop started blaring from the main stage. The Kooks have arrived. The pixie-like, English groups are finishing out a solid set from their two albums, starting with their new single “Always Where I Want To Be.”

They sound great, with edgy tunes and soulful London crooning. But they also seem to be learning that skintight jeans aren’t the best choice for Arizona festival in September. The drummer has been playing the entire set with a pained look on his face, possibly because he’s decked out in a full shirt and tie. Every beat looked like I caused him physical pain.

“Shit, I’m getting a bit cold up here, wish I’d brought a jumper or something” joked the cheerful lead singer early on. While many in the crowd might not know what a jumper is, they still erupted in cheers.

But the heat couldn’t stop the plucky Englishmen. Their literate Anglo-rock adds some much-needed diversity to the Edgefest set, and the crowd ate it up. The hotly anticipated Flobots are coming up next and we’re going to check out the Airborne Toxic Event right now. Should be a good time.

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