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The Lost Leaf in Downtown Phoenix Is Resuming Live Music on July 30

Roosevelt Row bar The Lost Leaf is bringing live music back.
Roosevelt Row bar The Lost Leaf is bringing live music back. The Lost Leaf
You won’t have to wait much longer to catch a show inside The Lost Leaf as the Roosevelt Row bar and cultural hub is bringing back live music gigs at the end of July.

Lost Leaf’s music and art curator, Tato Caraveo, tells Phoenix New Times the venue will resume regular live gigs with a performance by local bands The MadCaPs, Beekeeper, and Spiritual Warfare and the Greasy Shadows on Friday, July 30, followed by a set by singer-songwriter Will De Carvalho (a.k.a. Will From Brazil) on Saturday, July 31. Both shows will take place inside The Lost Leaf starting at 9 p.m. Admission is free.

It marks the first time in more than 16 months the popular bar, which is located on Fifth Street south of Roosevelt Street, has hosted bands or musicians regularly. (Local DJ Alex “Djentrification” Votichenko has performed a handful of times over the past year in the venue’s backyard and the Bad Cactus Brass Band also played a set in July).

“We’ve been waiting a bit to see how things are going [with the pandemic] before we had music,” Caraveo says. “About three weeks ago, I started scheduling the bands again.”

The Lost Leaf has opened and closed a few different times since the pandemic began. It initially shut down from March 2020 before reopening for outdoor service in November 2020. The bar shuttered again from January until March of this year because of a surge in COVID-19 cases in the Valley. It resumed inside service in late June.
click to enlarge Sweetbleeders perform inside the Lost Leaf in 2012. - PUPKIN/CC BY-SA 2.0/FLICKR
Sweetbleeders perform inside the Lost Leaf in 2012.
Prior to the pandemic, Lost Leaf featured bands, musicians, and DJs nightly. Caraveo says they’ll offer a reduced schedule with shows a few evenings a week for the foreseeable future, including a jazz night on Mondays and bands on Fridays and Saturdays. The emphasis will also be on local performers, he says.

“We're going to try scaling things back keep the regular Monday nights and Fridays and Saturdays at first, but might [expand] to the odd Wednesday and Thursday every now and again,” Caraveo says. “We're trying to keep it a little more local instead of having touring acts.”

Live music inside Lost Leaf might not last long, though, thanks to the current rise in COVID-19 cases from the delta variant. Co-owner Eric Dahl told New Times via text message they may start having outdoor service only again and require patrons to wear masks but will consider hosting live music outside.

Caraveo says it will all depend on people’s comfort levels and other factors.

“With cases rising again, we're not really sure what is going to happen. It really depends on what Eric and others decide to do,” Caraveo says. “Once the weather cools down, it might be easier to shift to having more outdoor shows. It’s all going to depend on what’s going on.”
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