The Love Me Nots

The Valley's nattiest garage-revival foursome has a pimpin' little spring lined up for theyselves. After a smattering of local shows this month, the Nots are off to Spain, where they will spend the better part of April assaulting the Iberian peninsula with their incendiary brand of lusty, keyboard-drenched go-go rock. After that, they jog up to France for a series of plum gigs in the land of Armstrong-envy and butter-rich cuisine — including a one-off show with the inimitable New York Dolls at the world-famous 24 Heures du Man motor race in Le Mans. Mmm. Can I get a zut alors? The Nots' two local shows this weekend are almost as tasty. At the Desert Botanical Garden's weekly "Spiked" mixer ($25), ivory-pounding lead vocalist Nicole Laurenne and her stylish mates will entertain cocktail-swilling revelers in one of the Valley's classiest settings for inebriated schmoozing. The following night, the band convenes at Martini Ranch to celebrate the release of a compilation CD produced by drummer Bob Hoag's Flying Blanket recording label. Also on the bill ($10): local standouts Dear and the Headlights, Black Carl, Sister Cities, Kinch, and Gospel Claws. That's a zut alors, Arizona-style.

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