The Love Me Nots in Europe: The Hilarious Google-Translated Version

How is The Love Me Nots tour of Europe going? Pretty well, at least according to the foreign language reviews we're reading with the help of Google Translate.

Now, honestly, it's sorta hard to tell just how professional these particular foreigners are, given the kinda-sorta hamfisted way Google's magical software spits out the goods. Actually, pretty much all these reviews, of shows in France and Spain, end up sounding like bad beat poetry.

Super fun to read, though, you'll almost certainly agree.

MetalTrip says:

After almost appeared on the scene then "The Love Me Nots," Nicole Laurenne (vocals, organ); Michael Johnny Walker (guitar, vocals), Kyle Rose Stokes (bass and vocals) and Bob Hoag (drums) a band very American and they roll sixties, with a very American aesthetic of that time, made very clubbers garage music, sometimes a little thug and punkarra far keyboard and much harder sounding live than on disc.

VS.webzine.com says:

The group practices a garage / surf rock, full of power and feeling, led by a guitar (that of Michael Johnny Walker), and enriched Farfisa, organ. Organ and maintained by the singer of frontwoman Nicole. Bob the drummer is a mix of Buddy Holly look (glasses there are many) and the Animal Muppet show, to play his hysterically. It must be said you two boys in the group, and therefore guitarist Bob Michael, play in Costard ... Nicole and Kyle, bassist, have, in turn, a sexy look-sixties. It has a little group that stayed on in Paris that arrives from Madrid (problem-Icelandic volcano aviation forces ...). The producer of their albums, Jim Diamond (Detroit) was in the room and a couple of German fans of the band (not bad for a concert presqu'annulé)!

Happy few says:

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Enough talk of records and civilized modern production.This April 15 is marked on the calendar in a while, you can not miss the only time Parisian Love Me Nots this year after a memorable first salvo at the Boule Noire a year ago. On Thursday evening, it rough, your servant has surveyed the twentieth without even knowing whether the evening's concert would take place, to get Rue de Bagnolet, in the district of Charonne there, close to the Père Lachaise and the relic of Jim Morrison. Arrived at the Golden Arrow where the group was to produce the original verdict was upheld at first instance: the locked gates and nobody around. But the vibrations that resonate with the adjacent bar indicates the procedure on appeal. The judicial metaphor, think.

Muzikalia.com says:

The Love Me Nots is a band from Phoenix (Arizona), influenced equally by the "garage" of the sixties, and the revival garajero "of the eighties, the" girls groups "of the sixties, the" punk " "pop" ... Anyway, if their already on the disc are an explosive cocktail, explode you live in the face... One need only look at his very extensive tour, to realize their calling in the most unexpected places. "Do What You Do", without going any further, it could be a hit song in many radios. Fortunately, not British, but British media and have emerged as the great salvation of the Rock today.

By the way... Lest you believe 'm being too hard on the Europeans, this is what I got back when I translated the beginning of this post into Spanish then back into English:

How I love touring Europe without going? Pretty good, at least according to the foreign language exams are reading with the help of Google Translate.

Now, honestly, it's sorta hard to say how professional these foreigners are especially given how little hamfisted-sorta spits Google software magical goods. In fact, almost all these comments end up sounding like bad beat poetry. Super fun to read, however, almost certainly agree.

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