The Maine Encounters Florida Fans Who Can't Take a Hint

The Maine Encounters Florida Fans Who Can't Take a Hint
Robbie Pfeffer
Drawl! is an animated video series created by New Times and all-around renaissance man Robbie Pfeffer exploring the sideshow of life that surrounds musicians on the road. You can find previous versions of Drawl! on our video page.

The Maine's John O'Callaghan has seen a lot throughout his career, but one Beatlemania-esque encounter with a group of determined fans stands out.

The group, which formed in 2007 in Tempe, was in Florida waiting for a show to start when there was a knock on the tour bus door. An encounter with fans quickly took a turn for the creepy, as fans started reaching over the windows and banging on the door, causing the band to assume states of "supreme stillness" while hoping the interlocutors would give up and leave.

Watch the video to see the entire story illustrated with animation.
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