The Mission Creeps: Oh, the horror-surf!

By Niki D'Andrea

Kudos to any band that incorporates go-go dancers in its stage show. In addition to punky/pretty bass player Frankie Stein, Tucson psychobilly group The Mission Creeps also have two go-go dancers, both with sexy espionage names like Katarina and Oksana. But seeing a Mission Creeps show isn’t just about the eye candy – this quartet oozes out reverb-heavy, slinky music in the fine tradition of “horror-surf” bands like The Cramps and the HorrorPops, creating a creepy, ambient vibe that would make the band’s songs at home on any Quinten Tarantino or neo-noir film soundtrack.

The Mission Creeps (photo by Dawn Rosa Cole)

Hear and see it for yourself on Saturday, April 5, when the band plays a talent-packed gig at the Yucca Tap Room, 29. W. Southern in Tempe. The Mission Creeps are currently touring in support of their album Ghouls Among Us (Refractory Records), and they’ll be joined at the Yucca gig by two awesome Phoenix bands – psychobilly punk trio Grave Danger, and retro/garage rock act The Love Me Nots (check out the cover story we did on The Love Me Nots here). VooDuo and Al Foul are also on the bill.

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