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The Most Painful Q&A Ever Published? Brian Wilson Chats with The East Valley Tribune

A couple weeks ago, I talked to Brian Wilson. Though he's my all-time favorite musician, it was a ridiculously terrible interview. Like, it hurt my head to listen to it while transcribing my notes. The column I wrote advancing his show, therefore, is extremely light on quotes and long on discussion about Beach Boys Party!, the vastly underrated album immediately proceeding Pet Sounds in the band's catalog.

As a writer at an alt-weekly, I have such freedom. Actually, I'd been meaning to write a piece about Party! for some time and my totally pointless interview with Wilson finally gave me the catalyst. It all worked out splendidly, in fact.

However, I've also written for dailies (actually, the daily in question here) so I understand the pain of The East Valley Tribune's Mandy Zajac (I worked with her for a few months but don't really know her) who was given the unenviable task of turning in a Wilson Q&A. You can read it here, but it's not for the faint of heart.

Q: You've had a remarkable career, and you accomplished so much so early in life. What's left that you still want to do, as a musician or an artist?

A: I want to cut a nice rock-and-roll album.

Poor Mandy. I will never, ever release the tape of my 10-minute interview with Wilson but I can assure you it's just as bad. Woof. Still, please go see his show. Seriously.

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