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The M's

Women of the future, prepare to shake your hips. There's a blast of fresh air coming from the Windy City, and it's coming straight from the roaring amps and tightly wound voices of Chicago band The M's. Future Women, the group's second album, is chock-full of reasons to do the frug, the swim and the mashed potato, harking back to a time before fans stood lifeless for fear of being "that obnoxious dancing guy" and rock bands could make you move your ass without feeling guilty about it. Opener "Plan of the Man" rides fuzzy surges of blasting horns and T. Rex riffage straight into your skull, where the sticky-sweet melody will rattle around for days, and while the band's skill for carefully arranged vocal parts benefits nearly every track, its tight, Kinks-style harmonies shine brightest over the thunderous guitars of "Going Over It" and the slinky, Go-Go ready groove of "Shawnee Dupree." The band's attention to detail carries over to its instrumentation as well, with standout "Trucker Speed" mixing busy "Sympathy for the Devil"-style percussion, frantic guitar lines and, for the coup de grâce, a string section straight out of "Live and Let Die."
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Noah W. Bailey
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