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The National Stream From New York Times

The Old Gray Lady is getting a little bit hipstery today. The New York Times is streaming The National's newest record, High Violet, here.

It's the first time the paper has streamed a record. The multimedia is paired with a feature from the Times' magazine which comes out Saturday.

A few things that seemed notable about this to me:

1. You can't tell from that link, but the Times has created a super col URL shortener for it's own use. That link is Expect this to become the industry standard within months. It makes sense for newspapers to protect and brand their content in such a way.

2. Is The National really interesting enough to run a full feature in the Times magazine on? I have my doubts about the Cincinnati transplants, though I generally regard them as a pretty solid group. Still, people have expectations for those stories...

3. High Violet better be good to earn such an honor from the best newspaper in the world.

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Martin Cizmar
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