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The Number 12 Looks Like You

Can you imagine The Knack as a death metal band? We didn't think so, either, until we heard The Number 12 Looks Like You's cover of the late '70s New Wavers' classic "My Sharona." After experiencing The Number 12's guttural growling followed by the chorus' cheesy, high-pitched "woo!", we knew we had just discovered the best cover song we might ever hear. Thank God it's streamed on MySpace (www.myspace.com/number12iscool) so we can rock it at work. Aside from the New Jersey band's ability to turn a retro favorite into a heavy song, The Number 12 is talented in its own right. The six band members (including two vocalists) create a unique blend of grind and death metal and avoid taking themselves too seriously, which is obvious in song titles like "Bambi the Hooker and a Case of Beer" and "Don't Get Blood on My Prada Shoes." The Number 12 Looks Like You is just what the grind scene needs: an injection of fun.
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Chelsea Mueller
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